Situational Selling, Purchasing, and Marketing

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This month I wanted to focus on situational selling/marketing/purchasing by using the influences of the world around us at a current time – all parties involved can benefit from this strategy.

The World Cup is currently taking place… which presents the opportunity for situation selling, marketing, purchasing.

For instance, a consumer has been on the fence about purchasing that sound system, TV, or A/V related project for their home/space/rec-room, but has held off for various reason can potentially have their interest reengaged due to ‘this’ event. Now, let's pretend their team made the tournament for the first time in X amount of years – you potentially have a customer who is fully re-engaged in the product, not because the product has changed, but because the situation has changed. This can work outside a hyper-targeted group; someone who isn’t as invested in the World Cup, but is still an active consumer may be intrigued in your promotion. Thus, you may gain a customer who you normally wouldn’t appeal to - for whichever reasons - this creates a win-win. You now have a customer get a deal on a product they’ve been interested in (situation 1) or your business has now gained another customer, not normally found (situation 2).

Moreover, does everyone remember when the vuvuzela made its comeback when South Africa hosted the World Club? It was the talk of the tournament… although, most people would have preferred they didn't. Donovan Neale-May shed light on the vuvuzela phenomenon "There's been nothing flat about vuvuzela sales since the product's global debut at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, blowing away other merchandise offerings and creating a phenomenal and distinctive buzz worldwide." (Neale-May, 2010) Companies jumped all over this and were able to use the current situation around them and make money. Please use a grain of salt as this is a grassroots product, but the concept remains the same.

Tic-Tac did a clever marketing campaign when they made the tic-tacs themselves into a 'rattler' (

When it comes to sales/marketing/purchasing, look outside the box - look at the events happening around you, not only in sports but in the world. A clever promotion playing off a current event will be more likely to connect to a buyer on an emotional level and create a positive dialog. On the flip side, be a smart consumer, look for situational deals to capitalize on; everyone likes a win-win.

Be creative, be situational, be worldly.