TWG & Movember

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...and just like that Movember is over, and let me one is more happy about that than our wives and girlfriends; they don't seem to like mustache us as much - I don't see why though. Nonetheless, The Watershed Group was successful in raising $400 this year for Men's Health; we fell short of our goal which was $500, but we're confident we can surpass that next year. We're happy to have played a small role in accomplishing a big goal. Together, everyone can make a difference. With that, we'd like to thank everyone for their support in our fundraising campaign. 

A few fun notes:

Scott Donaldson is this years MVP (as voted by me). Not only did he look AMAZING with his rustic 70's stash, he truly got behind this years campaign. Scott took it upon himself to raise money in both fashions - mustache growing, and KMs walked. For that, Men around the world that you, Scott!

I'd like to say if Tim Allen ever got sick during the filming of Santa Claus, I'm almost positive Steve was the backup (head up of course). His white beard was as full of wisdom as it was thick!

Mr. Gatoploulos started strong this year with a fresh babyface,...but then faded back to his normal bearded self - I'll let it slide this year. The collapse reminded me of the 2013 Leafs,...Game 7 - you know, it hurt. But, as an optimistic Leaf fan, I'm confident Mike will win MVP next year,...and the Leafs will win the cup!!

Tracy also did a wonderful job this year contributing with KMs walked - every step made a difference.

As for myself - I'm just happy to be here, mustache and all.

Until next year!!