What We Can Learn From The Vegas Golden Knights

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Well, …we can probably all say we didn’t see this coming – hockey fan, or not. ‘This’ would be in reference to the Vegas Golden Knights making the Stanley Cup finals; yep…the team that didn’t even exist 12 months ago will soon be playing for the most difficult trophy in all of professional sports. It’s quite the story wouldn’t you say? Okay, you’re probably thinking - what the heck does this have to do with life or business, heck – even our A/V industry.

Let’s look at the Vegas core, there are about 24 hockey players who essentially weren’t wanted by their said Team…they weren’t worth protecting in the eyes of the GMs; parts easily replaced you could say; let's call them castaways. The castaways are then sent to a new franchise and given a new opportunity to reinvent themselves. That 3rd line center playing 10:00 minutes a game, is now a 1st line center playing 19:00 min a game – an opportunity was granted. The Vegas core thrived off this opportunity, and they didn’t let this opportunity slip through their fingers – they exploited it. Example, William Karlsson: last season 6 goals - 19 assists for 25 points (13:32min). This season: 43 goals - 35 assists for 78 points (18:43min) …not bad, eh?

If you haven’t caught my theme yet – it’s opportunity. Opportunity is all around us; in different forms, shapes, and applications. Whether it be your personal or professional life sometimes life becomes cluttered; with more and more distraction, or 'noise' around you - becomes easy to lose track/site of your goals or aspirations. Sometimes, you need to take a step back and look outside the box. Don't look at all 'noise' as a negative, take this new obstacle and turn it into an opportunity - an opportunity to maximize life. For instance, life becomes so busy that you 'can't' find time for the gym anymore...take this as an opportunity to become a morning person and get that workout in – turn negative thought, into a positive action.

In certain situations, it's all about perspective. In our industry (A/V), and in life, I believe perspective (outlook) plays a big roll in all forms of success; are you going to be stuck in the times, or embrace the future and the technology that follows. I believe in providing clients with new school technology with an old-school touch – hint, the old school touch is you. Embrace new products and deliver them with the same customer service, approach, and attention to details as you did in the past - when things weren’t so fast-paced. We spend most of our days communicating via email, text, and phone calls – I encourage you to go ‘old-school’, meet face-to-face, you’d be amazed at the difference.

If you look outside the box, you'll find problems that need solutions - why not be that solution?

Life’s all about opportunity – let's make the most of the ones given, and maximize the results. You’re here now…take your shot.