Stewart Filmscreen

Stewart Filmscreen manufactures completely seamless, professional projector screens. All manufacturing is controlled "in-house" in our own facilities. Our product quality is carefully controlled from raw materials through finished product. You are not restricted or limited to "off-the-shelf" styles or sizes. We specialize in custom screen design and fabrication, so let your imagination soar. If it's manufacturable, we can build it. Aftermarket and spare-parts services are available to ensure your continued, successful use.

We make all of our own screen fabrics from raw materials, which allows us to produce seamless projection screens up to 40' x 90'. At Stewart Filmscreen we own and operate a complete manufacturing facility which includes a machine shop, acrylic & glass coating facility, metal fabricating shop and two separate manufacturing plants which produce the seamless front and rear projection screen materials.

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Home theatre with screen by Stewart Filmscreen.