Starcoustix GX Accoustic Panels

Starcoustic GX acoustical panels

Grid Ceiling Fiber-Optic Acoustical Panels

Turn your grid ceiling into a thing of beauty - economically and easily.

  • Standard sizes for lay-in grid ceiling
  • Economical 
  • Easy installation
  • Easy connectivity with LED technology and low power consumption
  • Fast and convenient delivery in six-panel master-packs

Available in 2'x2' and 2'x4' sizes

Standard sizes:

24"x24" (18 stars)

24"x48" (36 stars)

2" thick, 3# fiberglass


  • Standard Fabric: Black Stardust (matt black) Vinyl
  • Optional Fabric: Guilford Anchorage Onyx and Midnight Blue
  • Panels with no stars also available, 1" thick
  • Class A fire-rated materials