The Watershed Group becomes Exclusive Kaleidescape Canadian Distributor

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA — BRANTFORD, ONTARIO, April 12, 2021 — Kaleidescape, the industry leader in designing and manufacturing home movie servers and players powering the finest home cinema experience, and the Watershed Group announced today that Kaleidescape will be offered throughout Canada exclusively by the Canadian distributor.

“The Watershed Group’s blueprint approach to building home cinemas provides Canadian installers an opportunity to offer customers the right Kaleidescape solution, and ensure the environment allows for the best playback experience,” explains Tayloe Stansbury, Kaleidescape’s chief executive officer. “The Kaleidescape system, designed to play 4K HDR movies with a video bitrate four times higher and lossless audio up to ten times higher than any streaming device, is the clear choice in powering best-in-class home cinemas.”

The Watershed Group is committed to supporting its independent customer base in the design and implementation of home cinema with the best brands and technology the market has to offer. Custom installers in Canada can now rely on the Watershed Group to provide Kaleidescape’s premium solution offerings.

“We have always partnered with brands and technologies that enable our group to best support our independent customer base and their specific needs for product performance, reliability, and profitability,” added Steve Davidson, managing director for the Watershed Group. “Our relationship with Kaleidescape will continue this tradition. Entrusting us with the Kaleidescape family not only humbles us but allows us to strategically invest the resources necessary to position the brand for the success it so duly deserves.”

Kaleidescape’s Canada movie store has one of the largest collections of 4K titles with lossless Dolby Atmos audio. The store boasts over 8,000 titles for purchase and more than 4,000 for rent. In addition to offering an expansive catalog of films, concerts, and TV series, Kaleidescape prioritizes quality and ease by automating playback settings and curating instant scene access. Its Premium Video on Demand feature provides access to just-released films.

With Kaleidescape’s research and development based in Waterloo, Ontario, the company has strong ties to the University of Waterloo. Kaleidescape offers internship programs and employs many of the university’s graduates as engineers. Together, Kaleidescape and the Watershed Group will bring a better, more streamlined experience to custom installers in Canada.


About Kaleidescape

Kaleidescape is the only online provider of films with full-fidelity audio and video for luxury home cinema. The company’s Internet-delivered movies include proprietary metadata that enables its award-winning movie players to produce a truly astonishing home cinema experience. Kaleidescape systems are installed worldwide in the best homes and yachts. Founded in 2001, and headquartered in California, Kaleidescape sells its products exclusively through custom integrators.

About Watershed Group

The Watershed Group, previously known as the Rep Company, serves the Canadian market with warehouse and showroom facilities from Brantford, Ontario.

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